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We currently ship orders all over mexico. please contact in our email regarding international shipping.  brdarte@gmail.com

Mexico. The shipping cost depends on your CP and you will receive the order within 6 to 7 business days.


Changes must be made within 15 days after purchase. Changes can be made to items equal or higher, but in no case will the amount be refunded. The cost of the shipment is borne by the customer.

If, for some reason other than the signature, it is not possible to make the delivery, your purchase will be returned to our warehouse. You will be given a notification with the steps to follow so that the merchandise can be sent to you again. Please note that the storage and reshipment of your product (s) may have an additional cost.



We strive to have in stock all the items that are offered on the website. In the event that you make a purchase of a piece that is not in stock, we reserve the right not to accept the offer. You will be informed by email and any payment, of course, will be returned.



To maintain your own security and prevent fraud, you will be asked to enter your card verification number (CVV) when paying by credit card. You can find the 3-digit number on the back of your card. Payment through paypal



The photography of the product is not contractual, that is, the colors may have different shade on different computer screens or in printer prints, just as the image can always vary slightly from reality.

All our prices include iva

We offer special price for wholesale purchases, for information send your data to the following  email  brdarte@gmail.com   and a consultant will contact you:

In case of requiring invoice please send your billing information to our mail:


         ● RFC

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         ● Tax id

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         ● Email

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Your Invoice will reach you within 12 hours after you have received your billing information.